SBV Overview

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SBV Overview

Why go imagery when you can show your brand story in just 15-20 sec



of customers use Amazon to discover new products and brands



of customers searches don’t include a brand



of customers using branded searches are searching across multiple brands

Amazon Advertising Video Solutions

Brand Stores

Use Sponsored Brands to drive Brand Store traffic

Encourage catalog browsing and brand interactions

Sponsored Brands Video

Appears in search results

Keyword targeting

Product specific


Simple set-up & template layout


High visibility & scale

Behavioral targeting

Brand or product based video content


DSP Video

Appears on Amazon O&O homepages and detail pages

Out-stream/native autoplay video

Simple set-up & template layout


What is Sponsored Brand Video?

Tell more about your brand and product story directly in the shopping search results.

6-45 secs video to showcase the video

Available on both Mobile and Desktop

Keyword, Product and Category Targeted

Cost per Click Model

Placements : All search pages, Product Detail Page (5 Placements)

Showcases one ASIN and lands on product detail page

Show video with or without sound

Doesn’t compete with Sponsored brand Ads

Multi Brand Video

SB Video ads expanded to Detail Page with upto 5 Slots*

Where does it appear ? - MBVs are rendered in the “Similar brands on Amazon” widget competing on Percolate in the Similarities Widget Group.

Product Targeting – What it is? Why it is good?

More targeting options:   Easier to reach shoppers who search for specific products

Efficiently target groups of ASINS by category, or refine your category target by specific brands, star reviews, and/or price

Target products/ASINs which come in top organic search results

Solves for keyword targeting sourcing limitation (Keywords only from product title)

New targeting grain reporting:   With new category and ASIN level reporting you can isolate what’s working and create new campaigns around successful ASINs and categories

ACOS Not Effected:   20% average ACOS vs 15% Keyword Targeting

Video View metric – How is it helpful ?

Measure campaign performance basis video view engagement

Improve on quality/engagement of the video

Shift focus from clicks and ROAS towards brand engagement with end shoppers

How does it differentiate from regular advertising metrics ?

Impressions vs viewable impressions –   Impressions gives a sense if the ad is loaded on the page or not.

Viewable impressions tells you when video frame actually came into the shopper view.

CTR vs VCTR – Gives better video ad engagement measurement.

Video Completion rate vs ACOS –   Video completion rate directly gives insights about video ad engagement – more measurable way to check brand/product awareness whereas ACOS is a combination of ASIN quality, purchase intention etc.

Category wise insights –   Higher video completion rate seen in beauty and wireless category (~10%), lower in shoes, books category (~2-2.5%)

Video View metric – Where can advertisers get these?

View metrics will appear in all existing downloadable reports: Campaign, Keyword report

Sellers can do A/B testing with 2 different videos and check which video fits better for their product basis view metrics.

Best Practices for Efficient

Campaign Creation

Creating a Sponsored Brand Video Campaign

1. Select Campaign Name, start date and daily budget

2. Choose “video” from the creative format options

3. Select the product that the video will link to

4.Choose the video you would like to upload – Ensure with self check audit list on common moderation rejection reasons

5. Preview the ad to make sure it looks good

6. Select Keyword Targeting or Product Targeting

7. Select keywords/products/categories that you’d like your video ad to show up for

8. Keyword Targeting - Bid on high performing keywords from SP and SB campaigns

9. Submit campaigns for review

HVAs to Ensure Efficient Campaign Creation

1. Add keywords associated with ASIN title to get impressions

2. Analyze SBV Search Term Reports to check which keywords shoppers are searching for

3. Include keywords related to upcoming festivals

4.Make 2 campaigns for each ASIN – keyword targeted and product targeted with 60/40 budget allocation rule

5. Minimum budget is Rs 50 but HVA is Budget with Rs 500+

6. Advertise Products that are in Stock

7. Check Video Through Rate, Video Click rate, Video View Completion rate from campaign reports to check the performance of the video

Best Sellers Campaign

Primary Goal

Driving highly qualified traffic to your detail page – focus on CTR rather than ROAS for the long term success of the ASIN


Identifying and owning core Category keywords is a critical strategy to help drive awareness and relevancy – stay in your aisle, but own the aisle. Also launch a branded campaign to reach loyal customers.


Bid big – high impact placements and keywords are crucial, raise CPC bids on all match types to ensure coverage

New Product Launch Campaign

Primary Goal

Driving highly qualified traffic to your detail page – focus on CTR rather than ROAS for the long term success of the ASIN


Identifying and owning core Category keywords is a critical strategy to help drive awareness and relevancy – stay in your aisle, but own the aisle. Also launch a branded campaign to reach loyal customers.


Bid big – high impact placements and keywords are crucial, raise CPC bids on all match types to ensure coverage

A/B Testing Videos

Primary Goal

Identify which video your shoppers resonate most with by seeing which video receives a higher CTR. Run campaigns for 2+ weeks to determine a winner


Target the same keywords with each campaign – try breaking up campaigns by category, brand and competitor to see what videos work best with each audience


Make sure your bids are the same across each campaign – start with bid similar to your standard SB bids

Video Creation Best Practices

Create videos that showcase your best selling product.

Promote seasonal products and campaigns

Introduce new products

Know your audience: Make personalized, educational and demonstrative video depicting a story

Demonstrate the product and product story

Demonstrate USP and lifestyle usage

Personalize your video with an emotional connect with the customer – Ex: including baby pictures/videos in baby products video

Include features, size/color/type variations to maximize customer engagement

Campaigns not Delivering Impressions

Keyword Targeting –

1. Add minimum 25-30 relevant keywords

2. Add keywords present in product title on product detail page

3. Increase bid for most searched keywords

4.Add product that is in stock

Moderation Check

Moderation Window : 24hrs to 72 hrs

Major Rejection Reasons:

Videos have Illegible test or Obstructed Mute Button

Videos have letter box/ pillar box format/ blank frame

Videos have poor video quality or low resolution

Incomplete Video

Grammatical /Spelling/ Punctuation Errors

Not Compliant to Ad Policy

Any Unsubstantiated claim

Unsupported Language

Any Call to Action Button or Amazon Branding)

Poor Video Quality and Low Resolution

Blurb: Your video contains poor resolution. Please ensure your videos are of high resolution and are not pixelated, distorted or stretched.

Incomplete Video

Blurb: Your video is incomplete. Please update your video.

Not Compliant To Ad Policy

1. Scare Tactics: Advertisers must not use scare tactics, fear mongering, or exaggerate the potential risks caused by not buying their products.

Rationale: Scare tactics created here to depict the risk of their house being attacked by a burglar if they don’t use the featured product in the video.

Rationale: Cable mess being dangerous is a scare tactic created by the advertiser to persuade the customer in buying the product.

Not Compliant To Ad Policy

2. Vet Approved/ Doctor Reference/ Vaccination/ Animal Scare Products/ Anxiety Relief

Not Compliant To Ad Policy

3. Search Bar , Website Links - Web Search bars, Website Links aren’t permitted as they are redirecting in nature.

Call to Action Button

Redirecting the customers out of Amazon website

Following CTAs are prohibited:

Confusing or misleading CTAs are prohibited.

For instance, "Add to Cart" or "Buy now with one click" would not reflect the expected experience of the ad.

Non-specific CTAs such as "Click Here" or "Click for more“

Store-related CTA

CTAs that mimic Amazon elements, trademarks or functionality (for example buttons)

CTAs that pressure the customer into action such as “Hurry”, "Last chance", "Times running out", “While stocks last” or other urgent, forceful or pressuring copy

Unsupported Language

Blurb: Your video must be in the language of the main Amazon site in which it is displayed. Please ensure either the subtitles or audio is in the language of the Amazon site in which the ad will display.

Scenario1: Audio must be in the primary language of the Amazon site where the ad is displayed.

Approve Scenario: When the video has subtitles present in English we are okay to approve.

Scenario2: All other custom text must be in the primary language of the Amazon site where the ad is displayed (or include translations).

Approve Scenario: All other custom text must be in the primary language of the Amazon site where the ad is displayed (or include translations).

Amazon Branded Element - Trademarks, Products, Services

Blurb: Your video contains Amazon trademarks or products, or references to Amazon products or services (such as Subscribe and Save). Please remove this content from your video. Accurate references for compatibility purposes, such as “Works with Alexa,” are permitted, provided the primary product is positioned first in the headline and Amazon products are referred to correctly.

Reviews and Ratings

Blurb: Your video contains dynamic content that is prohibited from advertising. Content such as star ratings that may fluctuate or change while your video displays on Amazon are not permitted. Additionally, customer reviews, if present in your video must be verifiable on the detail page. Please update your video.

Rationale: Customer reviews aren’t permitted even if these are from Amazon.

Rationale:The Star Ratings present in this frame isn’t permitted as per our policy.

Unsubstantiated Claim

Blurb: Your video contains a claim that is not substantiated. All advertising claims must be supported by an independent third-party source either on the product detail page, within the ad, or on the product packaging. Please add the required substantiation or remove this content from your video.

Rationale: “Best Seller” mentioned in the video needs to be substantiated in the PDP with a 3rd Party and a year.

Rationale: “The Number 1 Antiperspirant” present in the video should be substantiated either on the packaging of the product of a Survey, 3rd party information along with year should be present

Unsubstantiated Claim

Blurb: Your video contains a warranty or guarantee that is missing supporting information. Please ensure any warranties and guarantees include the party responsible for honoring the warranty or guarantee and any applicable limitations, on the landing page or product detail page. Please add the required substantiation or remove this content

Rationale: The 10 Year Warranty present in the video should mention manufacturer’s 10 year warranty on PDP as Amazon is not liable for such claims.

Rationale: The Money Back Guarantee present in the video should mention manufacturer’s Money Back Guarantee in the PDP as Amazon is not liable for such claims.

Unsubstantiated Claim - Beauty

Product Acceptability on Beauty Category

1. Content must not make claims to permanently lighten/bleach skin (i.e. skin whitening or removing melanin) or alter natural pigmentation of the entire face or body, such as ‘permanently whiten skin tone’ or ‘remove melanin to whiten skin shade’.

2. Claims that are cosmetic or medical that do not permanently alter natural skin characteristics and are used to describe restored vibrancy are allowed, such as ‘brightening serum’ and ‘evening skin tone’.

3. Claims that a product treats localized pigment spots (i.e. dark spots that occur with aging or sun exposure or treating hyper-pigmentation) or blemishes (i.e. acne) are also acceptable with substantiation on the product packaging, such as ‘reduces the appearance of dark spots’, ‘fades hyperpigmentation’, and ‘reduces inflamed acne’. The product packaging where the substantiation is present should be added as an image in the product detail page.

4. Content must not promise fair skin tone (i) that conveys discrimination based on skin color; (ii) that reinforces negative social stereotyping on basis of skin color; or that depicts persons with darker skin tones as less confident, unattractive, unhappy, depressed or concerned

Examples of acceptable claims:

enhance brightness

‘lightening’ used in the context of specific dark spots (i.e. age spots, sun spots)

evening out skin tone

reduce the appearance of dark spots (i.e. reduce melanin production in the spot)

treat acne

Examples of prohibited claims:

‘lightening’ used in the context of changing overall skin tone and removing melanin

skin whitening

skin bleaching

End Date, Promotion

Blurb: Your ad contains a video with seasonal messaging and does not have a campaign end date. Please ensure campaign dates for a specific holiday or seasonal event (for example, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas) start within a reasonable time frame leading up to the event and end within 24hrs after the event date, or a reasonable time after that depending on the event. Please update your campaign end date.

Rationale: The video mentions a seasonal event “Valentine’s Day” needs appropriate Campaign Start and End Date.

References to deals, sales, discounts or savings promotions are Prohibited. Exception to Holiday specific and seasonal messaging

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