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Reliq Eagle is a company founded in the year 2018 in Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar with a motto to generate employment in Bihar and play a crucial role to provide opportunity to educated people who wish to live in their native city and work in prestigious companies like in other metro cities. We have always focussed on quality rather than quantity and that’s why we have a set of clients from all over India and other parts of the world like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, China Etc. The last 5 years would not have been possible without a hardworking, sincere and dedicated team...

At Reliq Eagle, we help our clients to adopt trending best practices to enhance profitability.

We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate and experienced professionals who will walk you through each step of the Amazon process. Our interactions are personalized according to your needs.

Solutions For Every One

We can help you cut through the noise, find your audience and deliver your brand story at its best.

We are dedicated to authentic brand stories and use journalistic methods to create the largest

possible value for both your budget and your audience.


Amazon Solutions

Best rated eCommerce platform to sell products all over the world. As per market researchers, Amazon market share projected to be 50% by 2022.


Flipkart Services

Flipkart has been consumer choice in past few years and expected to grow by 50% after Walmart coming into picture.

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Google AdWords

Google need no introduction and always been used for purchasing decision. No platforms seems to be alternative for next few decades.

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Web Designing

Helps in the company’s marketing with kick start launch. Reliq Eagle incorporates impressive designs, solution-based graphical and analytical representation to maximize conversion.

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Social Media Marketing

It is becoming more popular for both practitioners and researchers. Reliq Eagle helps you on a strategic level, social media marketing includes the management of ...

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eBay helps you to build, manage, promote, and track your business. it also helps you to take advantage of Social Media and Expands your market ...

Our Services

Our team is trained to provide the best online business solutions for Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES), Flipkart, Google Adword and Social Media Marketing.

Products Catalog/Listing

Get your products listed on the eCommerce portals or on your website with best SEO techniques. Present your products to standalone in competition.

Pay-Per-Click Optimization (PPC)

PPC is an internet advertising model in which advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on Ads.We help to convert visitors into buyers.

Account Reinstatement

Humans are in continuous learning process. We do mistake, learn and stand again to grow. With whatever reason you account got suspended, we will help you to get it back.

Social Media Marketing

Days are gone for where we need to spend Million $$$$ to introduce products to buyer. Use the latest social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to spread brand awareness.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Efficiently productivate reliable paradigms before ubiquitous models. Continually utilize frictionless expertise whereas tactical relationships. Still have questions? Contact us

  • Our content are according to amazon policies Best uses of high search volume and long-tail keywords Correct representation of a product to eradicate wrong description complaints. Boost Conversion Rate

  • Your advertising goals will shape your strategy. If driving sales is your priority, focus on converting ad clicks into orders. Track your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), which is calculated by dividing your total ad spend by total sales from advertising. If creating brand awareness is your priority, focus on impressions. Impressions are the number of times your ad is seen. Set strong cost-per-click bids to help you win more keywords.

  • Choosing the right products will help you accomplish your advertising goals. Select products that are in stock, priced competitively, winning the Featured Offer, and receiving a high number of visits.

  • Review the product detail pages of the products you choose to advertise. We recommend your product detail pages include:
    1.Accurate, descriptive titles.
    2.High-quality images
    3.Relevant product information
    4.At least five bullet points

  • We help you to launch your account on Amazon within 60 minutes.What we need?.

    We need following list of details:
    1. Legal Name of Business
    2. Email Id
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Business Address
    5. GSTIN Number(Only for Amazon.in)
    6. Identity Proof
    7. Bank Account Details
    8. Credit Card Number(Only for Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk) with Expiry Date

  • PPC proved to be boon in the era of ocean of products. Only Advertisement help to show offer to buyers. 90% of buyers make their purchase decision by comparing products/brands on page 1. You must have got now, 93% of relevant products do not get chance to be seen by their esteemed buyers. Previously, advertisers were paying to marketers for showing their products to buyers but Amazon created a revolution by bringing PPC concept i.e. Pay-Per-Click. Now, advertisers need to pay when someone click on their ads rather for watching.


"Professional & Outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense. Our Services. Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience and are passionate about developing business."

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