What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax, which is in India for the supply of products and administration. It could be a comprehensive multistage, goal based assess: comprehensive since it has subsumed nearly all the indirect taxes but few; multi-staged because it is forced at each step within the generation prepare, but is meant to be discounted to all parties within the different stages of generation other than the ultimate customer.

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It is a mandatory rule under the Government of India, who basically want to save tax and prevents oneself from the cascading effect of tax.

General Rule for GST Registration

A taxable person carries a business in India of supplying goods or services with a turnover exceeding 20 lakhs are liable to register under GST. Further, there are few cases where registration under GST is mandatory even if the turnover is less than Rs.20 lakh.

1.   Selling goods outside the state

2.   Selling on Amazon or Flipkart (Ecommerce)

3.   Casual Taxable Person

4.   Dealing in exempted goods and taxable goods

5.   Non – resident taxable person Supplier

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